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Interesting and Amazing Facts About Scottish Gaelic Language


The Scottish Gaelic language is spoken and known in almost all around northwestern Scotland and also in the Hebrides islands. The Scottish Gaelic belongs to and is a member of Celtic Language. This language is also spoken in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Some communities in these countries also speak Scottish Gaelic are their core or main language. The Scottish Gaelic language is a branch or a part of the Irish Language. The Celtic language was displaced by the Scottish Gaelic in AD 500 and gradually became a local language and a popular dialect of the Scottish Gaelic in the 13th century. In the 17th century, the common Gaelic literary was mainly used and spoken in Scotland and Ireland. Gradually the Scottish Gaelic language was becoming unpopular when modernization was emerging in the world. It was estimated in 2001 that less than 60,000 people used and spoke the Gaelic language. Now, the Scottish Gaelic is taking a turnover and has been revived gradually in the educational system of Scotland.

Amazing Facts About the Scottish Gaelic Language:


The Scottish Gaelic is spoken by Australians, Americans as well as Canadians. There are about 58000 Scottish Gaelic speakers around the world. Due to a small number of people familiar with this language, the Scottish Gaelic has been revived in the Educational system of Scotland to increase the speakers of Scottish Gaelic.

A Bilingual Language:

One of the amazing facts about the Scottish Gaelic is that it is a bilingual language because the Gaelic language also includes some words of English Language, French, and German. Students learning the Scottish Gaelic can also speak French, German and English.

Different Rules in Grammar:

The Scottish Gaelic has a different grammar rule when compared with the English Language. In the rule of "Subject Verb Object" in English grammar, the subject is always spoken or written first. But in Gaelic, the object comes first and then the subject.

Gaelic Does Not Have Two Verbs:

Gaelic is a pretty different language with different grammar rules. There is only one verb used in all the forms of tenses whereas, in the English Language there are different forms of verbs used in different tenses. So, two verbs are used for every description.

Rules For Prepositions:

It is a bit tricky to learn Gaelic prepositions. This is because every preposition in English is pronounced entirely differently in Gaelic. Some prepositions are also used as connecting sentences.

No Verb For 'To Have':

This is a bit disappointing that there is no verb to express the 'to have' emotion in Gaelic.

New Sounds Produced:

There are new sounds produced or added when letters like 'RT' are spoken or pronounced. These letters add up to make new sounds.

Different Pronunciations:

Different letters have different pronunciations in Gaelic, even when articles are pronounced.

Numerous Phrases:

Just like the English Language, the Gaelic language has many phrases to express emotions and feelings.

Extracted From Different Languages:

Gaelic is formed from different families of languages. These language families include Indo-European, Insular Celtic and Celtic.

Letters of Scottish Gaelic:

The Scottish Gaelic has only 18 letters in the alphabet.


There are about 10 vowels including vowels of English. The only difference is about the pronunciation and accent.

Dunrobin Castle in Highland Scotland

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