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5 Interesting And Amazing Facts About The Hebrew Language

Aktualisiert: 13. Sept 2019

Knowledge of languages is the doorway of wisdom. The Hebrew language is a beguiling language with a rich heritage. It is popularly known as the language of the Bible. Hebrew is the language of the Jews and is spoken as a modern language in Israel. Here are some interesting facts about the Hebrew language.

1. It came into existence in the second millennium BCE

The earliest known Hebrew text was written towards the end of the second millennium BCE. Before the fall of Jerusalem in 587 BCE, Hebrew was used as a written and spoken language. Afterward, it was employed as a liturgical and literary language.

2. Hebrew is the language of the Bible

Initially, Hebrew was a biblical language that was used in writing the texts of the Bible. After 2000 years it was employed as a language used by a large number of people. Currently, we have over 9 million people speaking it as their modern language.

3. It is read from right to left

Hebrew is written from right to left. The most popular is the block letters used in Torah scrolls and in most printed texts. However, the numbers are written from left to right and are similar to Arabic numerals used in English.

4. The Hebrew alphabets have 22 letters

The 22 letters are commonly referred to as aleph-bet, after the first two letters in the Hebrew alphabets.

5. It is related to Aramaic and Arabic

Similar to Arabic, Aramaic, and Amharic Hebrew has no vowels like most Semitic languages. Up to date, most Hebrew writings are still written without vowels.

Learning the Hebrew language will be a fantastic experience. Adding one more language can be a good value in addition to your life. You can get a tutor or learn Hebrew online.

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